3 Affordable Makeup Brush Brands!

3 Affordable Makeup Brush Brands

Hey babes! Happy Friday!! I love makeup brushes and I’ve collected quite a few over the years. I love my high end brushes but I know not everyone can afford them so I thought I would do a post about some of my favorite affordable brush brands! I don’t have as many to share as I used to since I downsized but it doesn’t mean I didn’t like them! I just had way too many brushes! It was getting overwhelming. Lol.

Bdellium Tools

I was sent these two brushes and two lipsticks from Bdellium to review. I’ll have a post up on the lipsticks soon! The brushes are way better quality than I expected! I think they are priced well for the quality too. They remind me of my Sigma brushes! I loved those but these are a few dollars cheaper! They have a few different lines in different colors. I’m dying to have the purple set! 😍😍 I’m so happy and thankful that I got to try these and I’m already eyeing a few more brushes! If you are wanting brushes to last, these are probably the ones I would go with!

3 Affordable Makeup Brush Brands- Bdellium

Studio 957 Precision Kabuki ($16.50) I absolutely love this for my Bare Minerals original foundation!! I could see it being a good brush for liquid foundations too.

Studio 955 Finishing ($14) I like using this with my cream face products! It works really well for cream bronzer!

Elf Cosmetics

I’ve tried many brushes from Elf throughout the years. A few have fallen apart after a year or so but I still think they are great brushes for beginners or someone who isn’t wanting to spend much! They have a huge range too!

3 Affordable Makeup Brush Brands- Elf

Powder Brush ($4) I love this brush for pressing powder onto my face. I’ve had a few of these over the years and the only downfall is that the ferrule comes loose from the handle at about a year.

Small Stipple Brush ($3) I absolutely love this brush for cream blush and highlighter!! I have a few. Lol.

Concealer Brush ($1) I don’t use this for concealer but it’s an awesome lip brush and I also use it to clean up around my nails! It’s so cheap I don’t mind when I have to replace it!

Morphe Brushes

I’ve tried quite a few brushes from Morphe and I think most of them are really good quality! The Elite and Gunmetal lines are my favorites! They have soo many brushes, so you are bound to find something you’ll like! I’ve had most of these for over a year and they are still going strong!

3 Affordable Makeup Brush Brands- Morphe

E3 Precision Pointed Powder ($16.99) In the past I’ve loved this for bronzer and blush but lately it’s been my go to brush for setting under my eyes with translucent powder! I have two of these. Lol.

M501 Pro Pointed Blender ($7.99) This is an awesome precise highlighter brush!

G2 Pointed Buffer ($12.99) I like using this one to blend out concealer and to set under my eyes with powder! I have two of this one too!

G26 Oval Shader ($5.99) This is a nice large shader brush. I normally use it for applying eyeshadow right under my brows. This is also the brush I use to do my swatch pictures! I have a few of this one too. Lol.

M505 Tapered Blender ($5.99) This is seriously the softest blending brush! Love it!!

M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff ($5.99) I love this brush!! It reminds me of Mac’s 217 & Sigma’s E25! The next time I place an order I’ll have to get a few more!

E36 Detail Crease ($4.99) Thid is my favorite brush for applying eyeshadow in my inner corner! I need a few more!

I wanted to mention that I liked Real Techniques and Sonia Kashuk brushes in the past but I just don’t have many brushes from them anymore. What are your favorite affordable makeup brushes?! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

xoxo, Amber 💋

**The Bdellium brushes were sent for review as a part of their Product Review Program. Links are unaffiliated and as always, these are my honest thoughts!**


23 thoughts on “3 Affordable Makeup Brush Brands!

  1. I have to agree with you on the Elf brushes. They were my first brushes too and fell apart after a year or so. I’m currently using brushes from BH cosmetics and I’ve had them for almost over a year and haven’t had an issue, which is a plus, but I must try the Morphe brushes for myself. I heard many great things about them.

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  2. I’m in the market for some new makeup brushes, but am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of brands and types of brushes. This post definitely helped make my decision a bit easier! Thanks 🙂

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