Spring To Do List

Spring To-Do List

Hey babes! When spring hits I always have an itch to clean and declutter. Lol. I’m a huge list maker but I don’t always follow through on them. I thought if I posted it on here, I might actually do some of these!

Spring To-Do List 2
I got both my Lilly Pulitzer planner & notepad from Homegoods! I just love that place!!

Declutter lipsticks // I did a huge makeup declutter a few months ago. I skipped over my lipsticks because I didn’t want to deal with it. Lol.  My collection is getting out of hand so it’s time!

Use sheet masks more // I’ve been horrible about using my sheet masks the last few months! I have a whole drawer full so I’m hoping to start using at least 2 a week!

Start reading V.C. Andrews again // I read a ton of these books back in middle and high school! I still have them on paperback but I prefer reading on my phone now. The Casteel series was my favorite so I’m wanting to start with them! Who else read these books?!

Read through books on my phone before buying more // Probably not going to happen but I have so many books on my phone that I either got for free or bought and never read them. I find something new that I have to read and forget about the others. Ugh! Lol.

Listen to my records more // I’ve hardly listened to my records this year. I need to pull them out more! Who else loves vinyl records?! I have a ton of old country! Lol.

Start new series on Netflix // I just got all caught up on Baby Daddy! Omg I love that show!! What’s your favorite shows right now?!

Put pictures from phone on Facebook & external drive //  I currently have over 1,000 pictures on my phone. I have the space but I just don’t need that many pictures on my phone. I keep putting it off. Lol.

Add pictures to Snupps // Who else uses this app?? It’s amazing for keeping track of your makeup collection! My records, lipsticks, & gel polish are the three that definitely need to be added first! It’s super helpful so I don’t buy doubles!!

Start backing up on posts & go back through old ones // I should have done this from the beginning but my computer was always so slow. It’s just easier to write my posts directly on the WordPress app. I’m super excited for my new laptop to come in next week! I think it’ll definitely help me be more efficient!

Try to schedule posts a week ahead of time // Currently, I’ve been finishing my posts the night before. I would like to have the whole next weeks posts done on a Sunday.

Make a media kit // I know this is something I’ll need at some point. Lol.

Make a Twitter account // I’ve held out on making an account for years. Lol. I just don’t understand it! Haha.

Go though closet including shoes & jewelry // I went through my closet a couple of months ago but I’m sure I still have things I can declutter. I tend to wear the same cowboy boots and flip flops. Lol.

Rearrange room // I need to rearrange my room before my air conditioner gets put back in. My new desk is right by that window and I know I’ll never sit at it if it’s in front of the air conditioner.

Start doing yoga // I bought a mat a couple months ago but never went through with starting.

Let me know if you would like to see more of these types of posts! What’s on your current to do list?

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xoxo, Amber 💋


15 thoughts on “Spring To Do List

  1. Get those pictures on your phone backed up! I’ve had my phone stolen twice… If you have pictures on the that aren’t backed up it’s really a bummer. (Also I don’t recommend getting your phone stolen in general…)
    I also like to make it a goal to listen to vinyl more. When I take the time to listen that way instead of in the car, ECT I’m so much more focused on the music and feel more relaxed.

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  2. I love the list, as well as reading it! I find it’s always fun to see what others are up to and have on the go. Maybe you should add learning how to use Twitter to the list so you can become part of the Twitter family! 🙂

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  3. Sheet masks are my favorite things ever. Also that lipstick notepad is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I loved 13 reasons why on Netflix. And I’ve started making my posts a month in advance because I found a week wasn’t enough time for me. Scheduling them makes things so much easier!!

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    1. I loved it!! I got it from Homegoods! I’ve added that show to my wishlist! I’m currently watching Heartland and so addicted to it! I’m trying to get into a routine where I’ll be able to schedule them more than a day or two in advance!


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